If it’s fun, engaging, relaxing, or educational you’ll find it happening at Lagune Bay’s Oasis Eco-Center.


As one of the Caribbean’s foremost destinations for chef-driven cuisine, The Restaurant & Lounge at The Oasis Eco-Center is a venue devoted to innovative global culinary artistry and gourmet flavors.

Exclusive & Enticing

If it feels like Lagune Bay is yours and yours alone, that is absolutely by design.

botanical garden

Discover the original Sint Maarten through an exploration of flowers, trees, and the delicate ecosystem of this tropical paradise.

To fully appreciate the splendor of Sint Maarten, one must fully embrace its native beauty, the wonders that make this place one of a kind.

eco-educational area

Focused on preservation and sustainability, the educational component of the Botanical Garden helps ensure the island’s lush character remains for future generations.

Learning & Growing Together

Lagune Bay is a community that cares

art + entertainment

What if the latest performances and most exciting events were walking distance from home? That’s exactly what The Oasis Eco-Center’s event space makes possible – with options for private and public events, cultural exhibitions, and more.